Where every stay is unique...
With #1 rating on Tripadviser, Yakushima Shikinoyado family-run Hotel and Holiday Home. Private bath, wash room and more in all accommotation.
If you’re looking for a unique and personal travel experience while supporting a small family-owned business, our Shikinoyado hotel which also come with fantastic ratings across various booking sites.
Often hidden treasures tucked away among beautiful scenery, family run hotels are worth their weight in gold.
At our independent and family owned hotel you will find comfort in our warm and friendly atmosphere, not to mention the additional homely touches that are so often lacking in many larger hotel chains.

We are a genuine hideaway from all things mainstream, surrounded by nature and we have take your breath away beautiful flowers and plants, because our Onoaida area is the unique exotic subtropical zone of Yakushima island.
We offer a covered deck to see the stunding views of the world heritage site Mt, Mocchomu.

Your YAKUSHIMA adventure begins here.
Wondering what to do in Yakushima?
With endless opportunities for fun, adventure, and relaxation, at Shikinoyado we invite you to explore all that Yakushima has to offer!
Discover paradise at the Shikinoyado where recreation play and relaxation combine to create the ideal subtropical zone vacation on beautiful island of Yakushima.
Shikinoyado offers affordable lodging with easy access to adventure, local culture, outstanding views of the mountain and plants, Snorkel at Kurio Beach, hike in Yakusugi-land, swim in our rivers, and explore local villages. Rich Experience.

2024 New style

3 kinds of rooms we have

2024 How to operate the new hotel
〇It is resonable rate because not including meals and we have a long-term discount too.

〇You can enjoy your favorite dining style at the on-site cafe or eating out instead of the traditional half-board inn.

〇We have a comfortable cafe and It is possible eary check in, so enjoy your leisurely stay.

〇A variety of programs are available for guests only. Such as optional childcare and terrarium making.

Facility Guide

Bath and wash room for all rooms

All rooms are equipped with Wifi

For 4 rooms with open air bath

All rooms with chair on decks

6 rooms with kitchen facilities

Washer-dryer and detergent included

Price of per person per night at Normal season
Room with open air bath Room with kitchen
2 people one room
2 people one room
3 people one room
3 people one room
More than 4 people one room
More than 4 people one room
Ask for more than 5 nights
10%~30% up depend of season
Check below calender
Cancellation fee:
2 weeks:30% 1 week:50% 1 day:100%
We don't charge when transportation disruption
included in the number of people for more than 7 years old
3-6 years old:2000 yen with Futon and 1000 yen not with Futon(※Free for less than 2 years old)

Excllusive options for guests

Last up date 2024/4/10

Yakushima Hotel Shikinoyado
642-15 Onoaida Yakushima Kagoshima
TEL 0997-47-3377